Griffin Fire Department is accepting applications to become a volunteer Entry Level Firefighter and/or  Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) , or those wishing to be qualified as both.

Download Application here.

What We Do

Griffin volunteers take the opportunity to do it all. We protect lives, homes, and dreams. We teach people in our community (everyone from young children to the elderly) the rules of fire safety, so that every person can protect themselves against the dangers of fire. We provide vital life saving support to Thurston County’s Medic One system by responding to calls for emergency medical assistance.

What Does It Take?

First of all, it takes a willingness to work hard and be dedicated, to achieve and maintain the Griffin Fire Department’s standards of excellence. In addition to both written and physical qualifications, a recruit must successfully complete an extensive recruit training program to gain basic knowledge and skills, either medical or firefighting. Continuing training is required throughout the EMT or firefighters’ career to keep skills sharp. Volunteers are expected to pursue and maintain the same standards and skill levels as full-time career EMT or firefighters’ do.


Most volunteers agree that there is no experience more gratifying than providing life-saving emergency service to their friends and neighbors. As a volunteer EMT or firefighter you enjoy the challenge of using newly-learned skills and you enjoy the personal satisfaction that comes along with doing a job well. You’ll enjoy the friendship and fellowship gained from working with a team of people dedicated to helping the community.

What We Offer to You

As a volunteer firefighter and/or EMT for the Griffin Fire Department, you will receive these benefits:

  • An excellent retirement pension plan (Offered through the Board of Volunteer Fire Fighters)
  • Life insurance coverage
  • On-the-job insurance coverage
  • A reimbursement plan to cover incidental expenses
  • All equipment and training provided to you, at no cost

To promote, deliver, and preserve a feeling of security, safety, and a quality level of service to the citizens of our community