Mike Peoples

Mike Peoples


West THurston Regional Fire Authority Firefighter & Baskin Robins business owner

Mike Peoples began his career with Baskin Robbins in 1990 when he was hired on to manage his dad’s first store, in Centralia, Washington. His dad bought another store in  West Olympia, and Mike was hired on to manage that store. With his experience and knowledge, Mike decided to move forward with the franchise, and purchased the Westside Olympia Baskin Robbins, which he currently owns and operates with the help of his wife Sara.

Mike began volunteering at Griffin Fire Department in 1994 and continued until 2000. He then began volunteering at Grand Mound Fire District 14 in 2000, where he was promoted to Volunteer Lieutenant in 2001. He then became a career firefighter with West Thurston Regional Fire Authority in 2002, where he is still employed.

In 2009, Mike was elected Fire Commissioner, for a six year term, beginning in 2010, for the Griffin Fire Department. Mike is a graduate of Capital High School, and resides in the Steamboat Island community with his wife Sara and two children.