The Griffin Fire Department is seeking proposals for services relating to the Station 13-2 water tank project.  Qualifications will be taken for engineering services.

Minimum qualifications include previous experience in engineering design and inspection on similar projects.

Qualifications must be received at the Griffin Fire Department Headquarters station, 3707 Steamboat Loop NW, Olympia WA., by April 15, 2019.  The Griffin Fire Department reserves the right to reject any and all proposals not meeting the qualifications.

Project description

The Griffin Fire Department will be installing a donated 40,000 gallon metal water storage tank at Station 13-2, 8113 Steamboat Island Road NW, Olympia, WA.  A concrete pad will need to be installed for tank.  The water tank will be self filling.  The water tank will have an electric pump connected to boost pressure to hydrant.  Hydrant will be accessible from paved area, not to exceed 20’.



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